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Answer: The Public Liability policy covers you in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands including occasional trips worldwide for leisure purposes only and not exceeding 14 days. However the Personal Accident cover is just valid while in the United Kingdom, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.
Answer: The policy is restricted to recreational riding, driving, hunting, participation in local gymkhanas, unaffiliated dressage and jumping shows only.
Answer: Unfortunately this would not be covered as the policy is restricted to covering the use and/or ownership and/or control of Horse(s) or Horse drawn vehicle(s) and participation in recreational riding, local gymkhanas, hunting, unaffiliated dressage and jumping shows only.
Answer: Yes there is a policy excess under the Public Liability cover of £250 for each and every Third Party Property Damage Claims.
Answer: Yes you would be covered if you use another person’s horse however should you be hiring a horse from a business then they should be covering this under their own policy arrangements.
Answer: The Public Liability policy does not extend to cover any third parties using your horse; therefore you should make sure they have adequate Public Liability in place.
Answer: Personal Accident death benefits are reduced in respect of those under 16 and the policy provides cover for members up to the age of 75.
Answer: Public Liability covers claims brought against you by a Third Party following property damage or bodily injury for which you are legally liable.
Answer: Personal Accident provides benefits in the event of Death, Permanent Total Disablement or Loss of Limb/Eyes following an accident whilst you are participating in recreational riding.
Answer: The Public Liability policy is underwritten by Markel International Insurance Company Limited and the personal accident policy is underwritten by Royal and Sun Alliance.
Answer: The Public Liability cover under this policy has a condition that if there is any other valid insurance which covers the member then this policy will only cover claim amounts in excess of the other insurers’ policy limits. For example a claim is submitted for £5,000,000 you have insurance cover in place under a household policy for £2,000,000; therefore you would make 2 claims with this policy responding for any amount over the household insurance limit.
Answer: You are able to cancel the membership within the first 14 days, providing you have not submitted a claim under the insurance policy or order under the membership and a refund will be issued minus a £5.00 admin charge. After this 14 days there is no right to cancel the membership during the year or following a subsequent renewal. This only applies to new memberships not renewals.
Answer: The schedules issued are master policy schedules for the one club policy and all its members, insurance cover is in force from the date on which the membership is activated and runs for 12 months from this date. Should you be required to provide proof of insurance, present a copy of the policy schedule alongside your membership confirmation which notes your membership dates.
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