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Stable Accessories

Whether you are wanting to spend time in the yard, go out for a ride or care for your horse, we aim to make your life easier by stocking an extensive range of stable accessories from top brands.

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  1. Hoof Oil Tin and Brush
    Cottage Craft Hoof Oil Tin and Brush

    One Club Price £2.86

  2. Massaging Body Brush
    Cottage Craft Massaging Body Brush

    One Club Price £7.79

  3. Royal Blue Hoof Pick Brush
    Cottage Craft Hoof Pick Brush - Blue

    One Club Price £1.19

  4. Black Rubber Plaiting Bands x 500
    Cottage Craft Rubber Plaiting Bands - 500 Pack - Black

    One Club Price £1.07

  5. Black Plaiting Pack
    Cottage Craft Plaiting Pack Band - Black

    One Club Price £1.07

  6. Cottage Craft Magnetic Mitt Blue
    Cottage Craft Magnetic Horse Mitt - Blue

    One Club Price £3.71

  7. Neon Green DM Body Brush
    Cottage Craft DM Body Brush - Green

    One Club Price £4.49

  8. Pink DM Face Brush
    Cottage Craft DM Face Brush - Pink

    One Club Price £1.91

Items 37-47 of 47

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Accessories for Stables

From horse bandages, cavessons and rug accessories, to feeding scoops, leather punches and bootjacks; our indispensable and practical horse stable accessories are ideal for the professional rider.
With a huge collection that includes shaving forks, hay bags, feed bucket covers and feed scoops, our collection of stable accessories has everything you need. Why not try our popular stable accessory - the Masta rug washbag - which stops horse hair from rugs, bandages and saddlecloths from clogging up your washing machine?
Those of you with a horse who’s prone to over-indulging, will be fans of the Masta hay nets available in the stable accessory category. With handy small squares, they’re also ideal for long journeys.