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  1. 12 Tips for Travelling

    12 Tips for Travelling


    Travelling horses long distances in trailers or horseboxes can be stressful for horses and owners, sometimes even a short journey can feel like a big event. But travelling horses doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, there are a lot of things you can do in advance to make travelling your horse a smooth day out. As lockdown measures are lifted and we start to travel to training and competitions, we’ve put together 12 handy tips to make your day easier. 


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  2. Activate Your Horse's Core

    Improve Your Horse's Core


    If you enjoyed dressage rider and trainer Jess Dunn’s last blog on improving poll flexibility, then this one is for you! The horse’s core is a complex area of the anatomy, consisting of the back, spine and ribs. Good flexibility of your horse’s core is key to improving performance but also helping to reduce the risk of injury as well as maintaining general wellbeing. In this blog, Jess shows us two simple exercises can be effective to help strengthen your horse’s core.


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  3. How to Help Prevent Horse Colic

    How to Help Prevent Horse Colic

    What causes a horse to colic?

    Colic is one of the most common emergency problems with horses. One in three emergency vet call outs are for colic and if not treated early enough colic can escalate very quickly. Recognising the early signs of colic and prompt veterinary action improve chances of a full recovery.

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  4. Meet Evie and Prince

    Evie and Prince

    It’s time to meet a One Club member, and one aspect of the Harry Hall One Club we have always been proud of is its inclusivity. From day one we wanted it to be a club for every rider and it’s safe to say our membership covers a broad range of ages! This month we meet young rider, Evie, as told by her mum Clare, over to you Evie and Clare:

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  5. Laminitis in Horses

    Laminitis in horses

    It is likely you’ve experienced laminitis in some capacity during your time as a horse owner whether it was related to your horse/pony or on your livery yard. In the latest Harry Hall blog, we delve into the details of laminitis and ask - what is it, how can we prevent it and what to do to protect your horse from getting laminitis.


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  6. Gold Plus Membership

    Harry Hall Horse Riding Insurance

    One Club Gold Plus Membership               

    The One Club keeps getting bigger! We’re always looking for ways to improve and give One Club members the best possible prices on products and insurance. And this month we have made the One Club Gold Public Liability and Personal Accident cover even better by launching Gold Plus. Find out more about One Club Gold Plus membership below.


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  7. Meet Caroline and Monty

    Caroline and Monty

    Meet a One Club member is back, and this month we meet Caroline and her horse Monty. Sometimes you meet people and they inspire you. You’re not sure why or how but as soon as we had dialogue with Caroline in our Facebook inbox a couple of years ago, we knew there was something inspiring about this incredible lady. We can’t wait to share this story with you, one of positivity, faith and following your gut. Over to you Caroline:

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  8. How to Reduce Poll Tension

    protechmasta poll guard

    How to reduce tension in the poll. The Poll-Atlas junction is one of the most important parts of your horses’ neck. Learning how to keep this area supple will benefit your horse’s wellbeing as well as improve their ridden work and way of going. This area can become tense and easily strained from everyday riding or from pulling back on a headcollar. We asked Dressage rider and coach Jess Dunn for her advice on how to keep this area supple. Here are her top tips to try on your horse.

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  9. Ride5 for Harry Hall Heroes

    Harry Hall Ride 5

    Yet again if anyone is reading this in the year 2050 they might wonder what we're talking about when we say "now that we can ride again let's all ride 5km, donated £5 and nominate 5 friends" but to us, in 2020 this is a big step in going some way towards getting back to "normal" life. We've come up with a fun campaign to reconnect with friends at a time when we can't see them, all while getting our horses fit and donating money to a fabulous cause!


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  10. An Incredible Recovery

    World Horse Welfare Moses

    When Harry Hall’s charity partner World Horse Welfare told us about Moses, we had to share his story. He was found in 2019 with a horrific headwound and has since gone on to make an incredible recovery, a testament to the amazing team at World Horse Welfare and the work they do. This blog contains images that some might find upsetting.

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  11. Harry Hall Heroes

    Harry Hall Heroes

    We find ourselves living in these unprecedented times, routine is out the window and we’re wondering when we’ll be able to get back to normal, whatever normal is. Harry Hall have been touched by the stories of key workers, both close-to-home and further field keeping us all safe and we had to do something to thank those working on the frontline.


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  12. Meet Tom McEwen

    Tom McEwen

    It’s the Wednesday of what should be Badminton week, the highlight of the spring (and year) for many equestrians and one of the biggest sporting events in the world. But here we are in these strange times where so many things are out of our control. In the absence of Badminton and getting juicy snippets about our favourite riders, British team member and popular rider Tom McEwen took 5 minutes to answer some of our very serious questions:

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