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  1. The Cost of Horse Ownership

    What do horses cost us


    What do horses cost us? Reading your riding stories got us thinking, what do horses really cost us? There are obviously the financial costs, but what about the physical and emotional side of horse ownership. Does any other relationship come close? In this blog, we investigate what horses really cost us.


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  2. Your Riding Stories - Oh Gill

    Your Riding Stories


    Here is my funny story. At the age of 62, I had always ridden but was getting a tad nervous, with self-preservation always in front of my mind, however one day I decided to be brave. It was a sunny Sunday morning and I agreed to a hack out with my adult daughter. The ride started well on two perfectly behaved ponies and I was enjoying life wondering why I wasn't brave more often.

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  3. Your Riding Stories - Driving Force

    Naomi Sutton's Riding story


    I have faced many challenges in my life so far. I’ve overcome a mental health illness that many never recover from, and I currently still live with two chronic physical health conditions that affect my mobility. Horses have been my sanctuary through all of this and in a crazy turn of events I’m now an elite para-equestrian athlete! This is my "pinch me I'm dreaming" story.


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  4. Your Riding Stories - Heather Tull

    Heather's Riding Story


    My riding journey started as I imagine most people’s do, at the local riding school. I must have been about eight when I first started going to Silverdown for my lessons. I remember the horses clear as day: Holly, Ben, Kizzy, Star, Pip and Monty were my favourites. Just the other day I went for a walk along the track at the back of Silverdown and I saw Pip and Monty happily grazing away. Pip was a cob and I absolutely loved him, he must be in his late twenties now!

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  5. Your Riding Stories - Mi Amigo

    Sara Jane Lanning and Zoa


    An Inspirational 500-word story from dressage rider and trainer Sara Jane Lanning on finding her unexpected dressage superstar. One day whilst on a busy teaching day, the owner of a livery yard told me she needed to sell a horse and did I know anyone who may be interested? He would be cheap. I had ten minutes to spare between yards so told her to bring the horse out to show me. I watched him trot across the diagonal and I think my jaw hit the floor! I returned the very next day to ride him and agreed then and there to buy him with no vetting!

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  6. From Vaulter to Photographer

    Your riding stories


    We love hearing your riding stories and it's not every day you hear stories like this. When we heard Imogen’s story we knew it was one we had to share. From South African vaulter to animal photographer, it’s been quite the journey for Imogen, we hope you enjoy this two-minute read and feel free to tell us your riding story @harryhallriding.


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  7. Prince Harry Pooed in my Garden

    Prince Harry Pooed In my garden


    Your Riding Stories - The Funny Story - Prince Harry Pooed in My Garden! Thanks to Amelia Leach for this story of her cheeky Shetland pony known as Prince Harry.

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  8. From Racehorse to ROR Star

    A Challenging Story


    Your Riding Stories - The Challenging Story - From Racehorse to ROR Star. Thanks to Becky Wood for this story of her beloved Cotton who went from racecourse reject to dressage star.


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  9. From Pony Club to Badminton

    Mulry's Error and Ben Hobday



    Pinch me – did that really happen? This isn’t the kind of story you read very often so when Georgie got in touch with her real-life story of a Pony Club horse going round the toughest course in the world, we had to share it. You’ve probably heard of this particular V8 Super Cob…


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  10. Meet One Club Member Georgia

    Meet a One Club Member


    How has another month gone by already? It’s the end of August which means it is time for another One Club member blog! This month we meet Georgia and her horse Junior who live in Cornwall and enjoy taking part in a variety of activities together. Georgia’s equestrian journey hasn’t been plain sailing and we find out how riding has kept her going through tough times. 


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  11. We Were on A Break

    Break from riding


    We were on a break...Latest stats show that 55% of horse riders have taken at least one break from riding due to work, family or study commitments*. We asked three Harry Hall One Club members why they took a break from riding and how it crept back into their life again. Let us know which one you can relate to the most.



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  12. A Happy Ever After

    A rescue success story


    World Horse Welfare is Harry Hall's charity partner and we're proud to see that donations from One Club member's and Harry Hall shoppers help World Horse Welfare provide essential care for horses and ponies in need. The story of Buttercup touched our hearts, her incredible recovery is a testament to the work the teams do at their four rescue centres across the UK. The charity has around 300 horses in their care and Buttercup's story will warm the hearts of horse lovers worldwide. We hope you enjoy reading this happy ever after story.


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